A number of basic laboratory equipments and more dedicated instruments are available to investigators associated with both academic institutions and industry. Instruments are accessible for direct, supervised or unsupervised use at the Facilities of the Centre with the assistance of dedicated personnel (i.e. “Reference person”). Users with documented experience on a specific instrument may access it without any assistance from the Centre’s personnel, according to the booking schemes associated with the Equipment.

COMT also serves as reference site for novel instruments for which no Italian distributor is currently available, or for instruments that investigators/potential customers would like to evaluate in a laboratory setting. In such cases, there is no charge involved for accessing the equipment, with the exception of reagents that may be necessary for the running of the instruments.

Laboratories dedicated to cell culture, cell cloning and cellular assays, basic and applied biochemistry, microscopy, post-genomics, proteomics, basic molecular biology, bacterial culture and histology are also accessible on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Even in this case designated personnel of the Centre is available for assistance for optimal and efficacious utilization of the Facility. Experienced users may directly access the Facilities.

Procedures and costs for the access and utilization of Facilities and Equipments are diversified according for Internal and External users as specified. However, users are welcome to make propositions and individually negotiate the list prices. Direct access to Facilities and Equipments requires that the users are in possess of a proper insurance that fully covers their liability in case of accidents. In the price listing, "Internal price" and "External price" refer to the price charged to Internal or Externalusers respectively, as defined by the Centre’s dedicated Regulations.


COMT offers the possibility to use its laboratories to culture cells provided by the customer or available at COMT. Along with the Cell Culture Laboratories, the Centre offers access to a variety of primary cell cultures, mammalian cell lines and hybridomas. All cell lines used in the Centre’s Cell Culture Laboratories are assured to free of virus and bacteria. Investigators may cultivate their own cell lines and, in this case, a “Certificate of Analysis” to confirm the absence of contamination is needed. Laboratories for Cell Culture and Cell-Based Assays are generally equipped with different optical microscopes and instruments for live-cell…


Laboratories for Biochemistry and Proteomics provide a full range of facilities and equipments for cDNA cloning, expression in suitable host organisms and purification of recombinant proteins. The extraction and purification of proteins from different tissues and cell lines can also be carried out alongside a wide spectrum of immunochemical and protein-protein interaction assays.


Laboratories for Molecular Biology provide a full range of services for DNA and RNA extraction, purification and analysis by qualitative and quantitative Real-Time PCR. Global gene expression analyses are offered in the form of DNA microarrays.


The laboratory for Cell Imaging is a complementary laboratory to the ones dedicated to cell-based assays and is equipped for fluorescent and real-time analyses of single cells in vitro and in vivo. Single-cell analysis in vitro span from qualitative and quantitative measurements of cell proliferation and apoptosis to complex analysis of cell movement in 2D and 3D settings. In vivo analysis of cell behaviour are based upon the chick embryo chorioallontoic membrane (CAM)-assay.


Laboratories for Histology and Immunohistochemistry are dedicated to paraffin- or OCT-embedding processing and sectioning of tissue specimens.Slices of fresh, frozen or paraffin-embedded samples can be stained by single or multiple immunohistochemical or immunoenzymatic methods, both by colorimetric or fluorescence techniques.